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The Hodson Report

Comprehensive Coverage of the U.S. Steam Cracker Industry

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The monthly report provides a comprehensive review of U.S. steam cracker operations and resulting implications for coproducts propylene and butadiene. The plant-by-plant information compiled for this unique publication is derived from a wide range of industry sources.

Current data on ethylene operating rates, feedstock consumption, and downtime schedules are included, along with commentary on the driving forces behind supplies and pricing. Feedstock sellers, ethylene producers, gas liquids producers, and transportation companies rely on this publication to aid in their short- and long-term planning and operations.

The following table illustrates the depth of coverage in this monthly publication:

Turnaround & downtime summary for U.S. steam crackers for the current month U.S. steam cracker operations for the current 4-month period
U.S. ethylene production from steam crackers U.S. steam cracker industry operating rates
Schedule of turnarounds & last major downtime of U.S. steam crackers 13-month grid of recent downtimes/upcoming turnarounds
U.S. steam cracker operations expectations for upcoming month U.S. steam cracker capacities & planned expansions
U.S. steam cracker feedstocks:
  • Monthly consumption
  • Light/heavy feedslate split
  • Ethylene production by feedstock
  • Historical outlook of changing feedstock trends
Olefin Production from Steam Cracker Operations:
  • Ethylene and propylene monthly production
  • P/E Ratios
  • Ethylene and butadiene monthly production
  • B/E Ratios
European steam cracker summary:
  • Ethylene capacities & TA schedule
  • Monthly production & operating rates
  • Monthly feedstock consumption
Summary of Trade Flows:
  • U.S. Propane Imports by region of origin
  • U.S. Propane Exports by region of destination
  • U.S. Olefins Net Trade (Ethylene, Propylene & Butadiene)
Waterborne propane imports U.S. B/E ratios
U.S. ethylene cash cost analysis:
  • Feedstock prices
  • Cash costs by feedstock
  • Cash margin comparison
  • Feedstock equivalent values
Pricing summary:
  • U.S. monthly ethylene prices
  • U.S. monthly propylene prices
  • U.S. monthly butadiene prices
  • NW Europe naphtha & propane prices
  • U.S. Naphtha. Nat. Gasoline & propane prices

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