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Unconventional oils such as oil sands, Orinoco’s bitumen, and shale oil represent the largest new potential sources of oil. Extracting the oil from these formations and getting it into marketable products in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner is one of the challenges facing many oil companies around the world.

We have extensive heavy oil/oil sands expertise with a market leadership position in bitumen production facilities design, as well as in the design and configuration of upgrading facilities. Our consultants have been involved in numerous projects associated with the production of oil from the Alberta oil sands, Orinoco Belt extra-heavy oil, shale oil from the United States Western Plains, and other nonconventional deposits in Europe and other world regions.

Our customers include major oil companies as well as government entities that are trying to identify the most effective and sustainable strategies to develop these resources. We have supported novel technology development efforts as well as the development of conventional facilities. Several of our consultants have been involved in research, development, and application of new heavy oil technology, including steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).

Our services include:

  • Evaluation and application of new upgrading technologies
  • Optimization of extraction facilities
  • Water use optimization and management
  • Integration and energy optimization
  • Development of marketing and pricing strategies for synthetic oils
  • Life-cycle analysis

Some of our studies in this area are at the forefront of the life-cycle analysis work that is being used to determine the carbon footprint of alternative hydrocarbon resources.

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