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As part of our continuing efforts to provide valuable information to our clients and select market participants, Jacobs Consultancy hosts an annual, non-affiliated petroleum coke conference and reception. At this two-day conference, we bring together the industry’s leading experts in the anode-grade and fuel-grade petroleum coke markets.

The Jacobs Consultancy Annual Petcoke Conference is an opportunity for market participants from various industries to freely exchange views on technical and market-oriented matters. Sessions have focused on the following issues: availability, production and quality of green and calcined petroleum coke; factors affecting future petcoke production; fuel-grade applications; freight markets, refinery trends, cement, and power industry opportunities for petcoke usage; and world economic trends. 


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Due to the fast growing coke industry in Asia, in 2010, Jacobs Consultancy held its first Asian Annual Petcoke Conference. The conference, held in various cities in the Eastern region of the world, addresses high level topics that provides insights into the new challenges for the increasingly dynamic global market.


Goa, India


Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Visit our Petcokes.com homepage for updates on our upcoming conferences.

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